Healing Herbs

Healing herbs have medicinal uses. Here's what will be included in your bunch. This simple but striking combination makes an excellent gift for someone going through recovery or a lifestyle change

  • Achillea. Assists with diarrhoea & stomach problems

  • Aquilegea - kills external parasites & strengthens the immune system

  • Artemesia  - a tonic for the liver, mild sedative helps with epilepsy

  • Maize - creates calmness

  • Oats - the love potion

  • Poppy - helps with pain relief

  • Rosemary - renowned for antiinflammatory properties, healthy skin & helps lower cholesterol

  • Teasel - a diuretic that helps with cancerous sores

  • Tansy - eases symptoms of  rheumatism, helps lower fever and assists in the healing of sores

  • Wheat - energy giving

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